Mashreq University

Mashreq University vision is to bring students into the 21st century through innovation and modren technology. Learning will be enhanced with computer software and educational games that will allow students to procced at their own rate according. Mashreq University  aspires to change minds lives and the world through leadership, innovation and excellence in teaching and…

School Admissions 24+ List of School Admissions 2020 in India: Registration, Admission, Selection

Get here the list of School Admission and the Admission procedure in various states and university Candidates can click on the name of the Entrance Exam and they will be landed on the exam page where they can perform the desired action. Candidate can refer the Complete Information about State-wise School Admission 2020 as mention below. This page is […]

NTSE 12 List of Talent Search Exam 2020: Registration, Application, Selection

Here is List of Talent Search Exam in 2020 SOF Topic IEO IMO NCO NSO ICSO IGKO Silverzone Topic iiO iOM iOS iOEL iFLO Unified Council Topic NSTSE SLSTSE AP UCO UIEO Talent Search Exams & Olympiads Topic EDUHEAL Foundation Olympiad GEO Genius Statistics Olympiad IESO CBSE Mathematics Olympiad IJSO NIO SSS Indian National Olympaid […]

NMMS 36+ List of NMMS Exam 2020: Registration, Admission, Selection

Here is List of NMMS Exam in 2020 NMMS Andhra Pradesh NMMS Arunachal Pradesh NMMS Assam NMMS Bihar NMMS Chhattisgarh NMMS Goa NMMS Gujarat NMMS Haryana NMMS Himachal Pradesh NMMS Jammu and Kashmir NMMS Jharkhand NMMS Karnataka NMMS Kerala NMMS Madhya Pradesh NMMS Maharashtra NMMS Manipur NMMS Meghalaya NMMS Mizoram NMMS Nagaland NMMS Odisha NMMS […]

Sainik School 23+ List of Sainik School Admission 2020 in India: Application, Dates, Eligibility

Here is List of Sainik School Admission in 2020 Sainik School Amaravathinagar Sainik School Ghorakhal Sainik School Balachadi Sainik School Imphal Sainik School Purulia Sainik School Bhubaneswar Sainik School Kazhakootam Sainik School Rewa Sainik School Bijapur Sainik School Kapurthala Sainik School Satara Sainik School Chittorgarh Sainik School Korukonda Sainik School Sujanpur Tira Sainik School Goalpara […]

NTSE 36+ List of NTSE Exams 2020: Registration, Admission, Selection

Here is List of NTSE Exams in 2020: NTSE Andhra Pradesh NTSE Arunachal Pradesh NTSE Assam NTSE Bihar NTSE Chhattisgarh NTSE Goa NTSE Gujarat NTSE Haryana NTSE Himachal Pradesh NTSE Jammu and Kashmir NTSE Jharkhand NTSE Karnataka NTSE Kerala NTSE Madhya Pradesh NTSE Maharashtra NTSE Manipur NTSE Meghalaya NTSE Mizoram NTSE Nagaland NTSE Odisha NTSE […]

IIM 19+ List of IIM Entrance Exam 2020: Application, Admission, Selection

IIM Selection Criteria 2020-22 has been released, Check below State-wise Criteria. The IIM is commonly known as the Indian Institute of Management. The IIM Selection Criteria is managed by separate IIMs. However, after B schools in India, all the IIMs are required with an aim to provide admission to the eligible applicants every year. The official authorities will conduct an admission […]

MCA 12+ List of MCA Entrance Exam 2020: Application, Admission, Selection

Here is List of MCA Entrance Exam in 2020: Assam Joint MCA Entrance Examination (JMEE) CG Pre MCA GITAM Science Admissions Test (GSAT) Goa University MCA Entrance Exam HARTRON SETC Himachal Pradesh University MCA Entrance Test MAH MCA CET NIMCET – NIT MCA CET RCU PGCET (Karnataka) Under Graduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) VIT Masters Entrance […]

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